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I so love Brain Pickings. If you’ve not checked it out and you’re the brainy type, then please do so. This evening the words of philosopher Roman Krznaric just stood out from the page. Every where I look in today’s world I see skeletons… Life is so short find what makes you happy not what makes anyone else happy.



Spotlight: Marjorie Salvaterras


“what it means, in a universal sense, to be a woman and a mother.”

Marjorie Salvaterras

This artist allows you to interpret this series in the way that best suits you.

“There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life.” —Federico Fellini




People of Burning Man



Uncle Ira, a costume designer from San Jose and longtime Burner, in a piece he calls “Flamingoes and Dice.”


Michael, a performance artist from Las Vegas, performs “Icarus.”

scott-london-24-1499-1378310602Neysa and Kevin, two Burners based in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, were engaged at Burning Man.

For more images and stories click here. All Images Scott London.


_Thoughts on Intellectual Elegance

I found this great author over at BrainPickings and I would like to share it with those moved by graphic design.
Iconic Designer Massimo Vignelli on Intellectual Elegance
My favorite quote from the discovery

Intellectual Elegance

Signore Massimo Vignelli


Love Letter to New York

New York City 1940 – 1972

Above: Model Carol Lorell walks down 3rd Avenue in the East 60s, Manhattan, January 1940.
Photo: Alfred Eisenstaedt—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

A woman walks her poodles along Fifth Avenue in October 1942. Photo: Alfred Eisenstaedt—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

Aerial view of the crowded beach and pier at Coney Island, including the Parachute Jump amusement park ride (the tall structure at left), Brooklyn, 1951. Photo:Margaret Bourke-White—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

A view from New Jersey of the moon shining over Manhattan’s RCA and Chrysler buildings as its light shimmers on the waters of the Hudson River in September 1946. Photo: Andreas Feininger—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

The new Metropolitan Life Insurance Company North Building, left, and the 1909 Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower at night, Madison Square, New York City, May 1947
Photo: Herbert Gehr—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images


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